Personal Satin Stitches Embroidery Experience

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Come spend some one-on-one time with Misty at the Satin Stitches shop!  I will introduce you to the creative part of machine embroidery.  We will pick a design that speaks to you, layout your project in our software, make any creative modifications you want, discover the world of color choices, and then stitch the design on an item of your choice.  The purchase is to reserve a 2 hour block of time to do your project when the shop is closed so there are no distractions!

Have child, relative or friend who is hard to buy gifts for?  This is a great way to ensure they get an educational, fun, creative experience and end up with a gift they will enjoy.

Please note - the item that is to be embroidered is additional if purchased through Satin Stitches or can be supplied by you.  I will contact you after your purchase and we will work through the logistics of the project.